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Guitar Lake Sunset

High Sierra Trail

Selections from Jonathan’s Trail Journal / A few months ago TSH friend, Kathie (Fort Lonesome) contacted Jonathan: “Do you want…


Cielo + Tenspeed Hero

I was working on a top 10 list, as I do from time to time, when this Tenspeed Hero/Cielo Base…

Rocky Canyon

Spring in Idaho

Roads we Love / Photographs by Jonathan Sadler / It is no secret that Tenspeed Hero is headquartered in Chicago’s…


Emily Kachorek and Squid Bikes

The Bum Ride Along the American River / Words and photographs by Jonathan Sadler / On a recent visit to…


The Schneider Sisters and the End of Summer

Words and Images By Jonathan Sadler / There are three months of the year that tend to get favorable treatment…

Willie and Jonathan

Festive 500 in Humboldt County

Some Heroes Travel to Humboldt County to finish the last 300K of a 500K Week / Everything you think you…

Midshipman's Hitch

Almost Nine Knots

Bowline / Butterfly Knot / Fisherman’s Eye / Sheepshank / Chain Knot / Midshipman’s Hitch / Flemmish Knot / Clove…


French Roads we Love

Or / Switchbacks we Love / And One White Horse / Southern France, the part near the Mediterranean, is a…


Roads We Love

Rocky Canyon Road, Ada County, Idaho / 38 miles / 3,000 ft of climbing / One white horse / Just…

Pearl Road

Roads we Love

Pearl Road, Gem County, Idaho / 33 miles / 2,954 ft of climbing / One white horse /

lpv Pape

Les Petite Victoires Women’s Team Jersey

There are two events on the horizon that we are excited about here at Tenspeed Hero Headquarters: Summer, and the…

Solo Superia

For Kristel

The jersey collection of a heart-broken Belgian father / Photos by Sam Copeland / Every year on June 30th, Gilbert…