CX’ing – The Do’s and Don’ts

Words By Laurel Rathbun – Pro Rider for Raleigh Clement – Six time National Champion

The Do’s

We mostly know the Do’s for CX (and racing in general) – eat, hydrate, warm-up and be prepared. Each of us satisfies those requirements in our own way, usually determining what works best through a series of trial and error. There is no one size fits all.

The Don’ts 

Below is my list of things to remember to have a successful weekend of racing

Don’t Miss your flight

Forget to update playlist with your favorite pump up music

Be inconsiderate and leave your clothes scattered all over the tent

Crash during warm-up (or in the race)

Forget to pack a long and short sleeve skinsuit

Forget to sign in/check in with UCI officials both days

Warm up in the same kit that you race in

Have someone else pin your number

Get so distracted by puppies that you knock someone off of their bike

Take heckling personally

Go to the line with dirty sunglasses

Go to the line without a jacket (unless it is 65 degrees and up)

Argue with drunken spectators (or other racers)

Take beer, cheese curd, or $ hand-ups, because you will get disqualified 

Forget to congratulate your competitors and compliment them on their calf muscles

Turn down the opportunity to eat a sweet potato

Be so excited to see friends that you neglect to do a proper cool-down

Sit in your chamois for more than 20 minutes after you get off the bike

Forget to drink chocolate milk for recovery

Forget to wipe your face and make sure your hair looks good for podium 

Forget to pick up prize money

Forget to text your mom/coach/significant and let them know how the race went

No race is ever perfect, but limiting the things that can go wrong can lead to a better and happier race. 🙂