Maghalie Rochette

Homage to Maghalie Rochette

By Luke Batten

First off, we adore Maghalie Rochette at TSH Women. Our dream is to have her in every TSH Resort Collection possible. This being our third TSH Resort Collection and the fact being Maghalie has only been in two of the campaigns means we need to build a time machine. It is that simple or complex, you know what I mean. I really cannot write a coherent homage to this talented bike racer, who just happened to get 5th at the 2017 CX World Championships in Luxembourg representing Canada, but I can write about a bunch of facts elucidating our feelings for her. First fact is how I met Maghalie. We saw her race at Jingle Cross a couple years ago. We did not meet. We then saw her at Trek Cup the next year and she was kissing her fiancé, David, at the finish line. We did not meet again out of politeness. I think I have the photos to prove this kiss though. I then sent her an email and said will you please be part of what we do??? She said yes! and we did a fitting in a typical hotel that professional cx racers stay at during the season. She visited us in Chicago and the rest is history. When I see Maghalie we do talk about racing but we might also talk more about wooden pens (she makes), Mariah Carey, tacos, bread, and ovens. Yes we talk a lot about ovens, pizza ovens and nan ovens to be exact. BTW she is also a great lip-syncher. We also get to spend time with her coach and fiancé, David Gagnon who is about the coolest guy on the planet. The last thing I can tell you about Maghalie is I say things like this when I see her, “You would be my favorite actress on my favorite sitcom.” I mean it. She is a multi-talented woman who brings life to Lauren Ayer’s designs with TSH. We are lucky to know such a talented racer and spectacular human. That she wears our clothes is a bonus. That we get to call her our friend is all that matters.

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