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Paris Roubaix Sportive

Riding the Rapha Paris–Roubaix Challenge

An in-color actual account in an interpellative style. / Rapha has upped the ante. Soft focus black and white, sipping…

The Helicopter or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Wait

“Just wait for the helicopters” was the heavily accented advice I got from a man sitting contentedly cross-legged on a wool blanket with his wife. The couple was sitting a few hundred meters into the forest of Arenberg. In preparation the race barriers had been set along one side of the cobbles; on the other…

Bradley Wiggins and Geraint Thomas in the Forest of Arenberg

On Photography and Bradley Wiggins

“The camera… makes real what one is experiencing…. A way of certifying experience… converting experience into an image, a souvenir.”…