Laurel Rathbun

College and CX

Introduction by Luke Batten / You know TSH loves Laurel Rathbun and we are pretty sure Laurel Rathbun loves TSH….

Tenspeed Hero


A Focus Raven 27.5 inch bike help up by a stick somewhere in Idaho with horses and the dry dusty…


Anatomy of a run up

KMC Providence CX Day One / 1. Katarina Nash 2. Katie Compton 3. Amanda Miller / KMC Providence CX Day…


Racing Bikes in China

A photo gallery by Alex Wallbaum. A blog post by Tenspeed Hero Racer, Tricia Fleischer! Another blog post by Tenspeed Hero…


Sherbet Skinsuit

TSH RESORT FOR CYCLOCROSS Heroes! Designed by the amazing Lauren Ayers IN THE STORE /

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ENVE Handlebars

31.8 mm 42 cm drop: 127 mm Reach 79 mm COMPACT Torque 5Nm /


The Schneider Sisters and the End of Summer

Words and Images By Jonathan Sadler / There are three months of the year that tend to get favorable treatment…

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Four Women Race Up A Mountain

Dani Arman + Laurel Rathbun + Tricia Fleischer + Caroline Mani / Day one of our Tenspeed Hero CX Camp…

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2015 Fall Launch

Limited Edition Skinsuits + New Jerseys + New Socks + New Bib Shorts / Women’s Kaleidoscope CX Skinsuit – Men’s…

Laurel Rathbun

Inaugural TSH racer in residence: Laurel Rathbun

Photographs by Luke, Sam and Alex / Words by Luke / Katherine Bertine’s film Half the Road created a more dynamic argument…

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Words by Laurel Rathbun + Photos by Alex Wallbaum / Introduction By Luke Batten / When 19 year old Pro…

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Mr Jake Szymanski aka Jakeszy

Tenspeed Hero is lucky to have a variety of cyclists across the country and world who ride with us. Unfortunately,…