Tenspeed Hero

Tenspeed Hero Cyclocross Team

A small gallery of images presenting the Tenspeed Hero Women’s Cyclocross Team trip to Lake Geneva. /

Midshipman's Hitch

Almost Nine Knots

Bowline / Butterfly Knot / Fisherman’s Eye / Sheepshank / Chain Knot / Midshipman’s Hitch / Flemmish Knot / Clove…

Danielle Smith

Tenspeed Hero Racing

Racing is humbling, beautiful, scary, inspiring, painful, nervous and about the most thrilling thing we humans have come up with…


Cross is Coming

Relay Cross-Jackson Park Chicago, Illinois /

Giro Empire

Giro Empire

Back when the Heroes were little kids we ordered a pair of Rivat cyclocross shoes for an upcoming Mountain Bike…

Sidi Genius 6.6 Vent Carbon Shoes

Sidi Genius 6.6 slippers

Just a tuesday gallery of ruby red slippers. Like little Ferrari-s. / Photography by Alex Wallbaum /



There is something about the term “shop wear” on a french frame that needs to be sold by a bike…

Tenspeed Hero North Star Grand Prix

North Star Grand Prix two of three

As promised, gallery number two of number three of the North Star Grand Prix Elite Women. All photos in Black…


LEEDS On The Map

‘ey up / A small gallery of the city that hosted the grand depart of the 2014 TDF. Tenspeed Hero…

Giro Rosa

Il Giro Rosa

Tenspeed Hero had reason to be in Northern Italy so we tracked down the Giro Rosa for Stage six and…

Kristabel Doebel-Hickok

Kristabel Doebel-Hickok (TINK) Speaks

A few weeks back TSH was pondering with Cat 2 bike racer, Dani Marie Smith about what turning professional means…

Tenspeed Hero

UK Heroes at the Yorkshire Bicycle Show

Tenspeed Hero-es (Luke and Aleia) will be representing their Stuffs at the Yorkshire Bicycle Show in the town of Leeds…