Tenspeed Hero

Mount Lemmon

A nice lemon – Ode to Mount Lemmon, Tucson AZ. / By Maghalie Rochette / She’s made me humble. /…


“The Season” and TSH Guides

An introduction to TSH Guides / Ok! so we are very excited to introduce you to a new series of…

Tenspeed Hero

Firefly Monday / FF-624

Tenspeed Hero

Desert Study

The Desert as a muse / Tucson Desert Cap / “He’d always had a quickening of the heart when he…


Tucson Boys

Hot Boyz / Cold Desert / A Chronological recap / Photos by Sam Copeland and Alex Wallbaum. Words by Hannah…

Tenspeed Hero

Firefly Tuesday / FF-622

Another Gem from Boston / FF-622 /

Tenspeed Hero

Mavic Cosmic Pro LTD

An Homage to Paris-Nice by Mavic / Two hands up, way up, to Mavic for having too much fun with…


Firefly Monday

FF-625 Road Disc – anodized pink sprinkles edition / Images by Firefly and Words by Luke Batten / I did…

Tenspeed Hero


FF-619 / Monday Firefly Gallery. Should be a weekly thing! You know? Like a regular thing. The most important cup…


Some Things About Big Bend

An exercise in captioning some photographs / Words and Images by Luke Batten / People tell me all the time…



by Elina Breton / … / “So where are you guys going again?” / “Marfa, Texas” / “So where is…


Death in the Desert

Or Big Bend Sucks / Don’t ride around the desert for hours at a time when you have pneumonia…unless of…