Skylar Schneider

Skylar moves to Europe

The Skylar Schneider Interview / Skylar Schneider at 19 years old is set to join Boels Dolmans as the youngest…


Junior CX Nationals

Shoutout to all the Juniors and the Devo Programs That Mentor the next generation. So much respect for what you…


7 Cameras and One Pug

A selection of cameras and one pug from CX Nationals /

Tenspeed Hero Grinduro

Go to Grinduro

Go to Grinduro if you like to stretch summer out for another month. Walk around the Grinduro campground in the…

Tenspeed Hero


1. Doug (@fieldwrench) is the head mechanic for Kerry Werner (@kerryw24) / 2. Doug poses a simple question to us…

Tenspeed Hero


A gallery of images from Jinglcross 2017 / Photography by Gavin Gould and Luke Batten /

Tenspeed Hero

SYP Linens

A photo series by Tenspeed Hero / Saint Yrieix La Perche, France / … /

Tenspeed Hero

What I remember

Word and Images by Luke Batten / When I look back on a ride or some images of that ride…


Lakefront Musings

Thoughts by Hannah Burtness / Is there anything more soothing than water? Ever changing, ever moving. Completely unconcerned with your…


Firefly / TSH Hardtail

Firefly + Tenspeed Hero Edition XC Titanium Hardtail: FF-663 / 73 degree Seat Tube – 69 degree Head Tube /…

Holly Waymark

Holly Waymark: 8 Questions

Holly Waymark is a Franco-British junior rider currently living in central France. TSH was fortunate to meet her through Instagram,…


Some Toad

Arguably the greatest Criterium Series in the Country. 11 days of racing across southern Wisconsin. Small towns and large. TSH…