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Avocet on 2x4

Today’s Money, Yesterday’s Avocet Crank Set

Soon after discovering that ancient Palo Alto Bicycles catalog, we found these ancient Avocet cranks on a popular Internet auction….

Palo Alto

Yesterday’s Palo Alto Catalog, Today’s Money

Does anyone else remember the Palo Alto Bicycles Catalog? When Ted Hero nonchalantly tossed this in the lap of one…

Campagnolo Super Record 11 Ergopower

Campagnolo Super Record 11 Ergopower

336 Grams. Made in Italy. Around 400 dollars. Rent or Ultra Shift technology? New suit or Ergopower? Dinner at Alinea…

Campagnolo Chorus Crankset

Campagnolo Square Tapered Crankset

662 Grams. Made in Italy. Buy one and show it to your grandchildren. Be careful they are very sharp. Do…

Schlauchreifenkitt Carbon

Schlauch-reifenkitt Carbon

Continental Schlauchreifenkitt Carbon. 25-Gram Tube. Heroes adhere their tires to carbon rims with the specially formulated adhesive. Empty boxes are…

lightweight skewer

Lightweight Quick-Release Skewer

Carbon Sports Lightweight Skewers. Titanium. Aluminum. 34 Grams. Good For Vertical Drop-outs. Bad for Horizontal Drop-outs.