No Chain Day

Or tires or cables

This lovely bicycle (now there’s a good name for a blog) has been here before. We call the bike Bluteni (sometimes Bluetini, or Blutini) because we chose the Molteni decals and painted it blue. Well, Joe Bell painted it blue. The blue turned out to be the exact opposite of Molteni orange as was just recently discovered when the image was inverted in Photoshop – see below. The same trick works with Molteni cats – see below.

Here Bluteni is seen wearing it’s new tubulars, hand built in Idaho by Jonathan Hero with expert help from Jason Bauer. Also of note for those who are taking notes: the handlebars and stem are by Cinelli (Giro de Italia model bars), drivetrain by Campagnolo (1980s Super Record) and bar tape is Benotto. The wheels are Mavic Reflex with Super Record hubs. Bluteni is actually a very light bike for a steel bike. That might change when I get tires, cables and a chain.