Saint Python Pave: Red Stones of France

One could say that the Commune of Saint Python is hilly; it certainly is not flat. Though most of the 1040 inhabitants poked their heads out their front doors to watch Paris-Roubaix on Sunday, some of the villagers managed to walk up the short hill to take in the race before the Peloton was broken to bits. This 1.5 kilometer section of Pave may not be the most treacherous section of the Hell of the North but a short descent on the last 500 meters adds to the riders early jitters. More than one Professional was seen standing on his pedals for extra balance. The sector of pave intersects with route D942 that connects with the larger commune of Cambrai. History buffs will tell you about the early Tanks being used on the adjacent farmland during World War I. Horrible it must have been. Tenspeed Heroes and their guides will tell you that the Pave of St. Python is amongst the prettiest of France, especially when there is a light rain and you are not on a bike.