Some notes From Tenspeed Hero

In no particular order, Some notes about Athletes, TSH, The Alpes-Maritimes, Habliments and Upcoming posts. All with photographic evidence provided by Sam, Luke, Lindsey and Jonathan


One of our goals for 2014 was to document and expand our relationship with the athletes we sponsor. So we began with @TSH_Women by buying airplane tickets, packing bike boxes and camping out in Grasse, France. Hosted by TSH architect-designer Maud Glasel, we invited Madeleine Pape (LPV-TSH), Dani Smith (Ego Presented By Sammy’s Bikes) and Collyn Ahart (Bowndling) to do great things along the Côte d’Azur, the Alpes-Maritimes and Mt. Ventoux. In the coming weeks we will have many photos and stories to come with guest posts from Dani and Madi!

Mt. Ventoux and Dani Smith

As many of you know we met Dani Smith during the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships (Pro 123) in which she came out the victor during her inaugural season. The story line from there was a call from Luke and this developing story of a talented young woman from the prairie climbing big mountains with Tenspeed Hero. There are no mountains to speak of in Illinois just some sharp hills in the southern portion of the state and some beautiful ridge-lines along the Mississippi river but Dani climbed Mt. Ventoux as if the shadow of the Giant of Provence was cast upon her pillow since the day she was born.

Hero Headquarters: Grasse

Let it be know that we found a home in Grasse, France thanks to our good friend and frequent collaborator Maud. We have a habit of proclaiming Headquarters in far away places and we now add Grasse to the list that includes Gent-Belgium, Echo Lake-California, Chicago-Illinois, Boise-Idaho and Barcelonette, France. For the record Maud, Manu, Jane Jane La La, Luke, Jonthan, Madi, Dani anointed the land of jasmine and olive trees by candlelight. Grasse is now part of the collective we and we are now part of Grasse.

Upcoming Habliments For Boys and Men

Gentlemen of TSH land, we have a new jersey on the horizon. Crossing our fingers for the middle of June for delivery… Colors to be revealed then but this is but a sneak peak for all of you waiting for the new tri-color. It comes with our super silky technical fabrics, three rear pockets and a 4th zippered pocket for iPhones, notebooks, Euros, dollars or yen.

Upcoming Habliments For Women

File this under “This is Not a Giro d’Italia inspired Jersey” or “We really like green and pink together…lets make a pink jersey!!!”. TSH has a few new products coming for women that we are really excited about. Look to the middle of June for their release.

Stealth Club Jersey Thinking

7 colors in a row (one repeated twice), you will find these colors on our tags and on a couple of our jerseys for Women and Men. The colors are our geographical center of a gender equal sport where men and women tackle local and international monuments in heroic fashion. Thanks for including us in your first races, podiums-victories, Aids Life-Cycle Journeys and trips around town. If you have any photos to share we will be happy to post them on this fanzine at the end of the summer! Just send jpegs to Also for those that have been asking we should be getting the restock of the stealth club by mid June. Sorry for the delay!

LPV and Rapha Prestige and Tan Line Thinking and Thank Yous

First read Cady’s Rapha Prestige Report, Secondly, Samuel Copeland has been preparing a bakers dozen or more of images from the Rapha Prestige. They are really pretty. Thirdly, Thanks to Rapha for putting on such a special event. Fourthly, guest rider for LPV-TSH-Petzel, Daphne, has the best tan lines ever! They make us want to get on a bike and be her friend!

Honk if you love Olive Tree Trunks

Somewhere between the Alps-Maritimes and the rocky beaches of the Côte d’Azur you will find the most beautiful olive tree trunks in the south of France. Heroes found themselves spell bound by their organic and impossible shapes, conjuring the landscape of broken rocks and twisting roads. We will see if we can find time for a gallery of these beauties.