Starnord Eddy Merckx

When I was a kid, my favorite book was “The Buffy-Porson, A car you can build and drive” by a father and son Peter and Mike Stevenson. The book is a true story and instruction manual for building a wooden children’s MG J3 automobile. My father had a MG TD and the idea of having my own small scale MG to match his was made very appealing by the book. I did check the book out of the library many times, but the small wooden MG was never built.

My two year old son won’t be old enough for a few more years, but hopefully he will be interested in riding his Eddy Merckx with his father’s Eddy Merckx. This bicycle was built around 1975 by Starnord, a French Eddy Merckx licensee. I don’t have any of the original parts, so I am building it with what I can scrounge up. The frame measures 39 cm and uses 20 inch wheels.

By Ted Hero

Photographs by Jonathan Hero