UK Heroes at the Yorkshire Bicycle Show

Tenspeed Hero-es (Luke and Aleia) will be representing their Stuffs at the Yorkshire Bicycle Show in the town of Leeds during the Grand Depart of the Tour de France. July 4th, July 5th and July 6th.

By box and luggage we have brought to the United Kingdom jerseys, bib shorts, socks and caps. Our booth will be dressed simply with flags, posters and post cards.

Some Things we brought In Limited Supply

Jerseys in whole but this is what they look like before they are sewn. Quality in every zipper, fabric and elastic!

Bib Shorts that feel the way a flower does against your skin

Socks designed by the talented Lauren Ayers for La Girafe Sportive. After we talk about patterns and thread we can talk about Flash Photography at night when it is hard to see!

Green Shorts For Pink Jerseys or Sous Les Pavés, La Page Jerseys. These are the silkiest most comfortable shorts we make and they are green.

Also on display and for sale are these Tenspeed Hero Club Bib Shorts (balancing boy is not included)

After we look at clothes we can look at google maps and we will show you where the Col de la Cayolle can be found. It is in France and the Heroes climbed this beautiful Col barely a month ago. Our recommendation is to find out when the authorities are about to plow the road and then ride up through the snow from Entraunes to Barcelonette.

Official list of things brought: Sous Les Pave Caps, Cote D’Azur Jerseys, Team Shorts, Club Shorts, Green Shorts, Pink Jerseys, Sous Les Pavés La Page Jerseys, Stealth Club Jerseys, La Girafe Sportive Socks!