Photographs by Lindsey Law and Luke Batten
Words by Hannah Burtness

Have you ever felt the need to travel? To walk out your front door and keep right on walking? To follow that invitation is to court adventure. I would now like to reference a certain well-known old gentleman’s wisdom about being careful where the road may take you, the salient point therein being the importance of keeping your feet.

We at Tenspeed Hero have, of late, been working on socks. Socks to help you keep your feet: keep them happy, keep them stylish, keep them moving (or, depending on the day, keep them relaxed).

People say that shoes make the outfit, and that is true. Somewhat less noted is that great socks can make an outfit better. Attention to detail is a hallmark of heroes, whether those details are the precise calculations that sent men to the moon, or precisely which shade of pale means your little guy is about to ralph. Socks are details, and these new TSH socks (the first in a coming summer onslaught of hosiery) have details of their own. We humbly suggest that these details could become some of your details.

To show you these socks in a fitting light, we traveled a bit ourselves. There are no Roman ruins in Chicago, but there are in France! When you click the link to see if you want to buy these socks, you’ll find something of a travelogue through both space and time. We hope you join us on our upcoming adventures, and we hope our socks get to accompany you on [some of] yours.