Summer Build: TIME VXS

The Tenspeed Hero Summer Build: Time VXS
By Becca Goesling

In a complex world of NATO summits and suggestions of fast approaching universal doom, the heroes find peace in the simplicity of a frame. Minimal, assertive, one may even call it beautiful (we heroes already have). As this “beautiful” frame is carefully placed on the barren studio floor, we realize it would not be right to exclude the fellow heroes from the moment. “Quick, a camera!” yells Hero One. And so it is with great pride that the one and only 2005 Time VXS carbon fiber frame is introduced to the world.

Now don’t be overwhelmed by the complexity of this image. Take a deep breath and push out your thoughts about “that incredible composition” or “how on earth did that girl end up in that boot?” (simply walking would be the answer). Rather, turn your attention that frame. That perfect bike frame.

Have you ever seen something so simple and elegant? Maybe you have. Maybe you think the skeletal trees of Rodney Graham are without a question the simplest beauty one could encounter. But of course these upside down trees lead your imagination to the legendary Baobab tree, which inevitably brings you back to the days of intermediate French and that is anything but simple. Best to stick with the Time VXS.

Some may shy away from this simplicity, but the heroes are not afraid. Extensive color-coded construction plans (the headquarters are known for their color-coded planning techniques) have been drawn up and calendars have been marked for the launching of this summer’s “build series”. What, you may ask, do the heroes have in store? Just the intriguing dissection of a classic bike (and probably more French literary references).