TSH Bubble Socks

“I think art since Cezanne…has less and less to do with the world. It looks inward—neo-Zen and all that. Pop Art looks out into the world. It doesn’t look like a painting of something, it looks like the thing itself.”

-Roy Lichtenstein


We’re not trying to say that these new bubbles socks are on the same level as Mr. Lichtenstein’s body of work, but we will gladly discuss how they boldly look like bubbles themselves. Bubbles because bubbles. Bubbles because bright colors and effervescence go hand in hand, and now they go foot in shoe as well.
Why are bubbles so delightful? From bubbly Champagne to plastic bubble wands and soapy creations on back porch steps to bubble baths and fizzy sodas. Memory and nostalgia and future joy and treating yourself, all wrapped up in cascades of momentary spherical action.
So do enjoy these scrumptious round bubbles on your soft and durable Tenspeed Hero socks, in color combinations three. Enjoy having the time for bubbles. Bubbles themselves. Bubbles.

Blue Bubble Socks

Red Bubble Socks

Pink Bubble Socks