We made this Jersey: Men’s Stealth Club

First Things First! It is getting warm in Australia!
In the store now

Men’s Race Fit, Tailored Rear Pockets, 4th Rear Zipper Pocket, TSH Club Colors, Lightweight Fabric, Silky Soft +Breathable Front and back, “Stealth Fabric on the Shoulders and Side Panels, Waistband Rubber Gripper!


Two years ago we asked designer Neil Donnelly to make the first Club Jersey to go with this Fanzine of a blog. These Jerseys live on the roads of America, Australia, Europe, Japan, South America, Korea and Mexico. Though it sells out every time we make a small batch, many Heroes have been asking for a race fit and it is finally here.

We wish we could have had these versions ready from the start, but it required some extra love, eyes/ears and edits to get these at the right maturation. While all of our jerseys are executed for a Hero, the men’s Stealth is the evolved form of our other designs, like Charmander to Charizard.

Mike Hero in the Club Jersey racing in the Chicago Cross Cup and then a 42 mile cool down ride!

The first mock-up we received was in July. To be sure, we tested the women’s versions out on long, dusty Idahoan roads via Anne Wessel, the small hilly roads with Cady Chintis and for the Men’s Race Cut, the woodlands and golf courses of cyclocross with local racers Michael Jividan and John Wolters.