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Spiders from Mars

If someone were to tell us that these Jeremy Powers fans were the Heroes in 1983 we would believe him….

Hedges and Skoda

Fans Squeezed By Hedges at world championships

Danish Fans squeeze their way around circuit during 2011 world Championships in Copenhagen suburb of Rudersdal. /

Bronzini's Jersey

Bronzini: Tense, Quiet, Focused

Bronzini, before the start of the race is tense, quiet, and offers only an occasional smile. The traveling fans of…

Oresund Bridge

Heroes Return from Denmark

The Heroes are back from Denmark. Photographs are being processed and stories are being written. We covered the races held…

Giorgia Bronzini

Bronzini Wins Again

“Giorgia is a fantastic sprinter, she won in a great way. Of course you think back about whether you made…

Mark Cavendish is a World Champion!

Mark Cavendish is a World Champion!

As a sprinter with thirty grand tour stage wins and multiple achievements on the track, Mark Simon Cavendish is widely…

Mark "Honey Badger" Cavendish

Mark “Honey Badger” Cavendish: Irresistibly Magnetic

There is a scene in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive where Ryan Gosling’s existential

Mighty Thor Hushovd

Thor Hushovd

AKA: The Bull from Grimstad; The Bear from Grimstad; The Viking; The God of Thunder; and The Rainbow Thunder. /…

Phillipe Gilbert

Hero or Not Hero? A Pragmatic Approach

The Heroes often speak with a collective voice, yet being of our own independent minds we cannot help but have…

Tyler Farrar's Legs

Tyler Farrar: An American Sprinter!

“I’m Tyler Farrar, Sprinter of Team Garmin-Transitions. During the race, I need perfect vision. I need to protect my eyes…

Our Favorite Colors

World Championship Coverage Starts Tuesday

Tenspeed Hero Coverage, such that it is, starts Tuesday. We’ll look at some of the favorites and some of our…