World Championship Coverage Starts Tuesday

Tenspeed Hero Coverage, such that it is, starts Tuesday. We’ll look at some of the favorites and some of our favorites. We will start off with America’s very own Tyler Farrar and move our way through the long shots and sure things of the peloton. We will have a Hero on the ground in Copenhagen starting with the Women’s Road Race on Saturday and the Men’s Road race on Sunday. The Heroes have fond memories of Copenhagen, as it was the first European city to host our youthful selves back in 1987. We remember our last humbling days in the city surviving on hotdogs and golden beer; short of funds we were!!! Years later on a visit to Berlin we Heroes were given shelter by 12 Danish Art Students who decided to make us a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. 16 Turkey legs were roasted for the Heroes as no full turkey could fit in their student dorm room oven. With this in mind we say onward with our next visit with the Danes!