Le Maillot de Tenspeed Hero Habite à Chicago

When Jonathan Hero was a young lad in California he listened to Reggae + Dancehall + Dub as much as he watched bike races, which was ALL THE TIME! Saving up some dough he trotted off to Jamaica to attend Reggae Sunsplash. Though his stories of this trip are worth a post on its own, the one thing all the Heroes borrow from his solo journey to Jamaica was the expression “Soon Come, Soon Come.”

We ordered this jersey a bit late in the season but we were still hoping for an early May delivery. Well early May has turned to the late days of June. Around Hero Headquarters when someone asks about its arrival we just try to relax like we are in Montego bay and quietly say “Soon Come, Soon Come.” Well it is here and we are so excited! News for you, we are contacting people on the reserve list and are shipping jerseys. We also managed to get Nalini to print an extra 20 Jerseys for the store. So far, report from several Heroes is that the fit is pretty close to Rapha (high praise indeed!). For some background information on these Jerseys Please Click Here. To Purchase Click Here.