Name this jersey!

Every once in awhile we get stumped on what to name a jersey. We have been living with this jersey for the last few months and yet are lost in giving it a proper name. You know that moment when you create something or find a piece of art and its hard to find the perfect place to hang it? Us too! That’s how we felt about this jersey. Where does it fit in with sprinkles and paper boats!?! Big questions!!! So…. We are having a little contest on our Instagram to help us name it. We will decide tomorrow! March 6. Winner gets a pair of these new blue Bib Shorts! For right now we are calling the jersey “Candy Stripes” in the store!

Some notes on this particular piece

Eliza Gregoire

When we got our samples we called Junior cyclist Eliza Gregoire. She races CX and Road out of Indianapolis. We met her a few times at the races and were inspired by her racing plus the support and enthusiasm her family showed. Picture an adorable Franco – American family chasing after her along an entire cx course and shouting her name. Did we mention it was freezing and cold and wet! We’ve not featured a Junior racer in our collections yet and we thought Eliza was a great fit. So when you see her at your local race course give her a shout of support. Juniors are often racing very early in the day so they do not always have the biggest crowds and we all know how a little encouragement during a race can get you to the next corner or the finish line. TSH gets a lot of emails from Juniors and U23 folk and our goal this summer is to head over to Indianapolis and have the Junior scene show us around on their favorite rides and stops.

Lauren Ayers and TSH Resort

You might recognize the color blocking excellence of TSH designer Lauren Ayers. She is the creator of Sprinkles and Paper Boats among a dozen other TSH classics. She paired these jerseys with three pairs of socks that we are begging you to mix and match. Ok here is the sad news… We actually do not have these socks in stock right now but worry not they will be here in about 4 weeks. And you might have noticed these nifty blue shorts (coming in 4 weeks too!). For the time being we are calling these Corsican Blue Pro Shorts. It’s winter here in Chicago so we are conjuring distant islands and Mediterranean locales to keep us warm.

Esther at Temple Buell Hall

TSH has been living in the cold cold north for 3 1/2 months. Since we do not have the budget to fly cyclists around the world, we did the next best thing by finding a brightly lit stairwell on the University of Illinois campus. The location is the Temple Buell Hall built in 1995-96. It gives a sense of the colors in day light.

Esther Descending Stairs

The jersey is made with 4 fabrics. The front panel includes a closed knit lycra for wind resistance. On the back panel and sleeves we are using a micro perforated fabric for breathability. On the side panels, we utilized porous mesh for those summer months ahead. It will get warmer we promise. As always, our back panel utilizes a light but durable fabric that resists punctures or impressions. Rear pockets are finished with reflective trim and an additional hidden pocket with zipper completes the jersey. The bib shorts are our finest construction with 72mm grippers, dyed fabric, ergonomic straps and flat lock stitching. Our comfy and firm chamois makes long rides more comfortable. Socks will be six inches tall (when they arrive).