Special Things For Heroes!

We wanted to drop a few favorites on the site for “cyber Monday” so we made a small batch of our original TSH Resort Collection. Say hello again to clouds and black sprinkles! Maybe you are new to TSH but there are many riders out there that have been asking for a re-release of their favorite jerseys lost to a crash or just plain lost! We made these jerseys with you in mind. We have read your DM’s and sad stories! As always these pieces are made in Italy with four seperate fabrics, reflective trim, a zippered hidden pocket and extras like zipper garages! Available in Men’s and Women’s.

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Something about clouds…

You may have noticed we re-released our cloud socks with ribbed six inch cuffs. We were thinking comfort for a variety of ankles. Cycling socks need to stay up and yet they need to be comfortable and we think we found the balance! You can get these to match your cloud jersey! We must stress though these cloud socks are super fun to wear on the bike they look amazing with rolled up cuffs while rolling balls and knocking down pins at your local bowling alley. Oh and at work too!

We also made a new collection page for box bundles


A yes we also bought a small batch of black sprinkles! I am not sure when we ran out of this piece but if you are looking for understated kit that still makes you smile then black sprinkles it is. This pattern also means so much to us because it is the pattern we give riders when circumstances leave them without a kit or a team. Think Sofia Gomez-Villafane, Sarah Sturm, and Maghalie Rochette. Each of these riders has used sprinklewatts to do beautiful things on the bike. This jersey makes people smile and has been on top of the podium more times than any kit we’ve made. We did not just make this for racers of course. It is for any rider that wants a little playful elegance! Every time we package one of these up we think of designer Lauren Ayers who created carefully rendered and precious little marks! Available in Men’s and Women’s

Sprinkles SOX Bundle!