Sarah Sturm Posters

Goodbye Sarah Sturm

We met Sarah Sturm in the way you meet many bike folk, at a bike race, Grinduro ’17 to be exact. We pitched our tent next to her and her boyfriend Dylan’s and we became friends for life. I am not sure what draws people to Sarah but it could be her laughter but that surely is not the sum of her magnetism but only the entry point.

So why are we making a poster set of Sarah Sturm right before the end of the year? Well, it is commemorative of our time together 2018-20. In 2021 we will not be the lucky ones to make clothes for her continuing adventures. As we prepared this post, these posters and talked to Sarah all week we had to remind ourselves that this was really happening and some other lucky brand gets to make her clothing next year. In the end our friendship and affection for Sarah had us planning a proper goodbey.

In The Store Now

To say goodbye (as sponsors), we did a little team camp this fall and visited her home in Durango Colorado. We rode, we ate (Zia), we laughed, we cried, On a field trip to Sarah’s Alma Mater, we visited the Fort Lewis College Cycling Team Headquarters. We were greeted with a FLCC pantheon of cycling greats as represented in 100’s of posters and postcards on the walls. Seeing no Sarah posters we told Director, Dave Hagen and Women’s Coach, Elke Brutsaert we would busy ourselves with designing one for their walls.

With a project of this emotional importance we asked Neil Donnelly from Brooklyn  to layout two poster designs that commemorate her two National Single Speed Championships. The white poster is race mode and the black poster tries to capture her spiritual side. We took inspiration by the cover of George Harrisons’s album cover of All Things Must Pass. 

You can buy one or the set (or some postcards). Hang in your shop or give to your cycling daughter or son for motivation. This inspiring coach, athlete, person is going to be missed at TSH.