Go to Grinduro

Go to Grinduro if you like to stretch summer out for another month. Walk around the Grinduro campground in the late afternoon and find a happy hour at one van or another. Meet some new people. Say hi to people you only know via the internet. Its better we promise. Maybe you will see Katerina Nash win the last leg of Sierra Triple Crown. Very likely. At Grinduro your beautiful jersey will be covered in salt, snot and dust. Do you like cold showers, then go to grinduro you will relive the race with your new friends while you wait for that lovely, amazing cold shower. Do you like to race? Then go to Grinduro. Do you like to look at the trees or smoke them? Then go to Grinduro. It happens. Lots. If you want to say goodbye to your summer form then go to Grinduro. If you have no form at all go to grinduro. It’s that fun.