All Hail Team Yacht Club

With High Fives to Rothera Cycling and Grimpeur Bros. Coffee

Images by Matt DeMartino

Cassidy Keeland, Marc Coppedge, Mark D’Avino, Dan Manco, Nigel Hall, Gary Rothera and Matt DeMartino made their way to Louisville by car and plane to watch Belgians, Americans and the rest of the world, fling mud on each other by way of knobby tires. Team Yacht Club, an Austin club of cross and road racers, no more than ten feet away from the Heroes, snapped these amazing photographs from under the stairs. We could hear their voices laugh and shout with glee. A lull in the action on the steps had them scrolling through their images, knowing they were making the best captures of the day by any and most photographers. Keep an eye out for photographer, Matt DeMartino, as he has promised the world a zine of these moments. All Hail Team Yacht Club!