Assos Early Winter Socks

If you’re like me, and I know I am, you buy your winter cycling clothes in the spring and your summer gear in the fall. If you are still like me, I do not have to tell you why, but if you aren’t like me, it is for the sales. A couple of days ago, maybe it was weeks – it all starts to run together at my age, I was at Above Category digging through the sales bin and I found these cozy wool socks. I specifically chose the pair in the picture because it did not have the snowflake decoration like the others clearly did. But they were simply folded the opposite way and the snowflakes did not show their cuteness until fifty miles later when I opened the package. C’est la vie.

One of the sock’s finer features is that they go on easily as if they are itching to be on your feet, or in this case, my itchy feet. Two more are that that they are warm and soft. If I used some sort of rating system, like a Silca pump fully extended to indicate outstanding, compressed for awful and somewhere in between for serviceable, I would give these socks the fully erect Silca Pump – fully extended I should say. My only problem with wool socks is my intention to hand-wash them combined with my desire not to hand wash them. Desire beats intention every time.