Geraint Thomas

We have a new favorite cyclist. That is, since our falling out with former favorite, Michael Rasmussen. This summer, Geraint Thomas caught our attention with this video. And this.

The featured image above is obviously G.Thomas in the TDF time trial. What is less obvious is that seconds later one Hero, unheroically, barely missed becoming one of those assholes you sometimes see on TV blocking a rider, or knocking a rider down, in the name of getting a photograph.

We wont go on and on about Geraint Thomas’ considerable palmares, because that would require either an Internet search or more knowledge on our part. Rather, we would prefer to discuss the Geraint Thomas we know. Not literally know. Know of, would be more accurate. GT has what the Brits call a winning personality. Not sure what the Welsh call it. But we can tell you that Mr. Thomas’ Welsh compatriots, Tom Jones et al, are dead chuffed about his success. He is brilliant on the road and the track, and pretty good in front of a video camera. (we are curious if writing with English-isms is as annoying as our awful English accents)?

Do you remember when those who voted for George W. Bush said that he seemed like someone that they could sit and have a beer with? That is a silly way to choose your next president. But not a bad way to choose your favorite cyclist. To sit down and drink a beer with Geraint Thomas seems like a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, and this Hero doesn’t even drink. But sitting around for an afternoon is something we are quite capable of, and something that, over the years, we have mastered.

If we ever get a chance to sit with Mr. G. Thomas we will thank him for his entertaining and sometimes informative videos. Then we might throw in a bit of word association: “France.” “Isle of Man.” “Rob Brydon.” “Philip Vaughan.” “Catherine Zeta-Jones.” “Badfinger.” “Tarmac.” “Campagnolo,” or “Campag” for short. “PS3.”

Photography by Todd Hero and Jonathan Hero