James Joyce is a Cul-de-sac

And Tenspeed Hero is a wave upon the ocean

The Heroes are in San Francisco spending their last day in the city taking in the sights. Over the last couple of days we have installed our show at the Rapha Cycle Club SF and now we await the celebration of beer, illustrations, Tenspeed Hero and Rapha. Come visit us tonight at 7PM! We love this town. It is like Chicago with hills, an ocean, different trees, cooler and less humid. Yep, just like Chicago! No wonder we keep meeting expats who have settled here from the great middle of America. To celebrate our stay we have a few photos pulled from our hand held computer devices detailing our installation and some specific moments we do not want to forget.

our names in brightly colored Chalk!

Turning our Stylish Belts into a tool belt

Buying Emergency Tights for Cold Evenings and Brisk-Breezes

Dante! Dante! Dante! Dante!

Pointing, Measuring, Moving, Pointing, Moving, Measuring, Pinning, and Re-Measuring!

Posing with our work!

Seeing The She’s. They are Awesome. Go See Them!

Cutting Rigid Insulation on the windy Street! Good Times!