Jingle All the Way

Words and Arm by Rose Smith-Woollams

It’s TSH travel time and we’re heading west—no, not to California, or anywhere even remotely warm. However, we are crossing the Mississippi and we come bearing space heaters, all of the Tenspeed Hero anticipation and excitement we can muster, and of course, layers on layers of whiskey warmth.

“Gentlemen to bed!” For at 8 p.m. this frigid Friday November evening we set off for the epic cyclocross battle that has come to be known only as— Jingle Cross. And off to Iowa City we go. It may not be the most glamorous city but don’t worry, Tenspeed Hero is bringing the party, all of us.

We’re going the distance; we’re going for speed. We’re going to slay in the sinking sand of the Grinch’s lair; we’re slapping our quads into submission for the infamous slopes of Mt. Krumpit and praying to the cross gods that it doesn’t turn into a mudslide black hole of doom and demise. Ready for infinite laughs, layers, hotel shenanigans, bourbon infused everything, and the first cringingly cold cross race of the season—we set off. With TSH shields in hand, we heroes dare anyone to try and vanquish us.