Missed Connections

I saw you on the path near Prospect Park. Trek OCLV right? Safe but Nice. I was riding my ex’s old S-Works. Is this a possible match?

You riding up Mt. Baldy wearing Assos arm warmers on Saturday. Was it that Cold? Curious if you need some knee warmers.

You said it felt as if God had picked you up, dusted you off and declared you “still good.” I didn’t want to interrupt but I know the feeling. I once finished the tour with a broken clavicle. Let’s talk about our wounds, scars and misadventures. I was the quiet domestique in the USPS jersey, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

You in Paisley Paul Smith Rapha Cap, Rapha lightweight Jersey, Rapha Team Bibs, and Rapha Silk scarf. I want to wax your mustache and hang your jersey on furniture while you sip Americanos. LOL. Serious.

You at the Tour of California. I kept asking you questions about Lance. You seemed pre-occupied. Still want to talk.

Saw you at the corner of Grand and Milwaukee. You were dressed like a messenger but it looked like you were riding your (ex perchance?) girlfriend’s bike. What’s with the huge basket when you have a brand new Freitag bag?

You. Lakefront path, light blue trek bike, child trailer on back. Me. Riding the opposite direction, 2011 Quintana Roo bike, tri helmet, amazing tan. You’re a nanny right?


You sultry midwestern college girl motor-pacing snobs in white convertible. Me thin Italian exchange student solo training. Meet me at the quarry for a swim?