Morning in Oudenaarde!

The Tenspeed Heroes Present a Gallery of 10 Photographs from the Start of the Women’s Elite Ronde Van Vlaanderen
By Luke Batten and Ria Roberts

A Chilly Start in Oudenaarde finds Women of Europe, America and the World trying on gloves, jackets, arm warmers, wind vests and Knee Warmers. Seasoned Professional women share the the early start with rookies and fans. Kristin Armstrong says Hi! Embrocation is applied and fills the air with shouts of good morning. Rider’s crouch near the ground filling out the list of climbs to come. Emma Johansson gets asked a question in english and she answers in proper dutch. “Two minutes!” shouts the Director Sportif and Elizabeth Mary Armistead rushes from the Team bus for the start line. The only one missing is Ms. Vos but her dad is here! As Always Click on the Images to make them big.