Philippe Gilbert is a World Champion!

All hail The Great Gilbert! Luke Hero has returned, the world championships have been raced, and, as predicted, Philippe Gilbert now wears four more colors of the visible light spectrum (black is not a color and is technically the absence of visible light—rainbow jersey? I think not). With this whole rainbow controversy cleared up, let us discuss this Philippe Gilbert, hitherto referred to as “The Great Gilbert.” Now some may say that this man did not have the greatest season. Some may say that for a truly great season this title would have been better served another year, but in the great blur of Sagan shenanigans, Norwegian impostors (we still miss Thor), and small-ringed, big head Italians it is easy to forget about a man that has owned more classics than Powell’s books. The Chickens of Wallonnia, the Lions of Flanders and the Tenspeed Heroes did not forget. We never put away our Gilbert edition gold hoop earrings—we clutched them every time we saw this man grit his teeth and switch to the big ring looking for a Gilbert-style pummeling with panache. We knew he had it and this time we have forgotten about the silly dances, pork chop sideburns and Vincenzo whats-his-name. The Great Gilbert is back and he has shown us how World Championships are won: they are grabbed by the Wallonias in teeth gritting, gear mashing big ring attacks. All hail The Great Gilbert for he is a World Champion!