Rapha Classic Wind Jacket

The Heroes once did a tour during a summer break in college. Two of us rode from Idaho to Montana to Alberta to British Columbia to Washington to Oregon and then stopped in Northern California. The tour lasted six weeks and we only brought $500; what remained at the end was a crumpled $20 and some change when we pulled up to a friend’s house in Arcata, Ca. We ate crap until we met an Aussie woman on the west coast riding to a Gay Pride Pow Wow in Berkeley. We remember you! Vegetables at last! Our longest day was 130 miles and our shortest day was 2 miles when we discovered a hot spring on the side of the road and needed a real rest day. One Hero rode a Motebecane with a 52/42 crank-set and the other Hero rode a 1987 Ritchey Super Comp; yes we were young and we had no other bikes. We suffered one crash and only three flats. On a ferociously sunny day in Glacier National Park we climbed the GOING TO THE SUN ROAD and the high elevation and beautiful views were met with a sunburn that came out of nowhere. It was a deep red with a few emerging blisters. For the next two days sunscreen was not enough to protect, so the arms were wrapped in a DAYGLO wind jacket made by Pearl Izumi. We still have it at Hero HQ though it fits a 145 lb Hero and not the 180 lb Hero of today. Long live the wind jacket! This Rapha Classic Wind Jacket is worn by our friend Anne (a summer tour rider herself) and we attempt to show a bit of its functionality and color against institutional green tiles bathed by fluorescent lights.