Some Place Called Belgium: I

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The future is ok with Chris King

On February 1, 2012, Tenspeed Hero got an email from Kyle Von Hoetzendorff and Dylan Van Weelden of Chris King Precision Components. Getting an email from Chris King in the middle of winter in Chicago, when your online fanzine is just months old, is like being asked to prom by the prettiest senior in high school when you are a nerdy freshman. Something we would know nothing about.

We were excited. We always figured if Tenspeed Hero was going to work with outside companies that the last thing we were going to do was put a banner advert up but rather make something that floats, carries water, keeps you warm, and makes up for lost time. If we could do all that and make some friends along the way then maybe Tenspeed Hero would last more than a couple years.

Over a few phone calls and late night emails we told Kyle and Dylan about some Belgian teenagers we knew named Dean, Nicolas and Jelle. They were riding the Ronde Van Vlaanderen Sportive and the Tenspeed Heroes came to their rescue along the cobbled roads near Mater in Flanders. Dylan said we had him at Dean. Kyle said we had him at Jelle. No matter. Thanks to Chris King for helping Tenspeed Hero and of course some Belgian Heroes named Dean and Nicolas.

Some Place Called Belgium: A Synopsis In Words and Short Sentences

This is a story about a boy named Dean and a boy named Jelle. There will be a Citroën named Berlingo. A gentle soul, father and former professional named Jan Goessens will make several appearances. Another boy named Nicolas will appear out of nowhere but he was there all along. A wheel builder named Patrick Degeyter will pour us a drink and build us some wheels. He built some of Roger De Vlaeminck’s (Mr. Paris Roubaix!) toughest wheels back in the day. Lots of flat tires by young boys on old bikes. Three trips to Belgium. Putting gas in your diesel engine. Some Chris King hubs! Lots of spokes! Lots of Belgian junior racing! Eighty year old grandmothers. Vlaamsche Stooflees for the Tenspeed Heroes made by caring mothers. Tenspeed Hero gets to meet the The President. Yes, The President has a name but for our purposes just call him The President. You will find out more about him this coming Wednesday when we start the story backwards and jump to the beginning and include some pictures and some poetry when we see fit. Oh yeah and pigeons. There will be PIGEONS!

Important Characters In This Story

Dean Goessens

Nicolas Van Der Hoeven

Jan Goessens

The President

Patrick Degeyter