Some Things About Trek CX CUP

This is an impossible post to construct. Incomplete to be sure. One because I need to jump on a plane in a few hours and two because there are too many people or moments I want to talk about. Excuse the brevity. Excuse the typos. Here are a half dozen moments out of about 20 from Trek Cup

By Luke Batten

Crystal Anthony

Great to see this win after some disappointment in Providence. Somewhere someone is going to write a proper race report about Caroline Mani chasing Crystal but we just have this smile which says everything. I always enjoy watching this women race a bike. Great win.

Jamey Driscoll

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Never give up. I did not see the crash or the traffic but you could tell Jamey kept getting knocked down and kept fighting to get back up to the top of the field. Jamey’s ride was an impressive display of determination. It is what cross is all about.

Caroline Mani

Second place on Sunday. Caroline animates every race. I think my favorite part of the Trek Cup was watching Caroline ride up and down the tight off camber zig zag which might be the defining feature of the Trek Course. Backed up against the Trek Factory. This section is impossibly tight and the grass gave away throughout the weekend to loose dry dirt. Many rode this section. Many ran. Of course the french women who roars, gritted out every climb.

Laurel Rathbun

Raleigh Clement Rider Laurel Rathbun is still a teenager and is “the teenager”. She fought for her first points in a C1 race and then came back on Sunday and just killed it with a 9th place and more points! On Saturday she dug so deep that it took a full three minutes for her to smile after she crossed the finish line. If you know Laurel Math then you know what I mean. If you do not, it usually takes 45 seconds for her smile to emerge.

Tricia Fleischer

Tricia had one up day and one down day. Sunday saw her spokes torn apart with a misplaced pedal from a dust up with another rider but on Saturday she moved up the stacked C1 field to take 17th. Strong, strong ride!

Allen Krughoff

Animator of both Saturday and Sunday’s races but it was the second day where Allen just stomped all over the course. Finesse and Power. Stephen Hyde was always lurking and his own race was something to behold. He never quit. Fan’s really got a treat watching these bike racers battle for the win on the final straight.

Kaitlin Antonneau

Saturday saw Kaitlin ride a beautiful race and in the end she just laid out the perfect sprint out of a small group that made everyone cheer madly. What is even better is that she did it in front of a home crowd in front of friends and family. A national championship is coming for this rider. Muddy, Dry, Technical. She can do it all.