The Dirty Truth About Warm Toes

Some Heroes rode bikes this morning. This morning it was twenty degrees in Chicago; twenty degrees of base layers, soft shells, balaclavas, glove liners and dirty little secrets hidden deep within layers of neoprene and wool. Now we all know sometimes it takes a little extra to get to the top; we also know, or have come to know, that more often than not a look under the hood or into the shadows ain’t pretty. It can be especially embarrassing when your ace up the sleeve (or in the sock) comes from the checkout counter at Home Depot or at the expense of a domesticated animal. This time though, rather than waiting for the trial, we’re letting it all out, layer by revealing layer. This is the dirty truth about what it takes to keep your toes warm.

Layer Five: OvershoesThe Overshoe

The Shoe

Nine hours of heat from Hot Hands Adhesive Foot Warmers stuffed in your toebox (sometimes two pairs)

Hincapie Merino Wool Socks