Wheel Building 101

Months ago (or was it years?) a Campagnolo Record rear hub was purchased. Some time later, inexplicably, that hub disappeared. Poof. Time soldiered on. Leaves changed from green to orange then fell heedlessly to the ground. Snow blanketed the hillsides. Two more Campagnolo Record hubs were bought. This time they were locked in the gun cabinet.

Until a local bike shop had an unfortunate going out of business sale. While searching the back room, a matching pair of Mavic Reflex tubular rims was found. Brand new, or NOS in the popular vernacular. They were promptly paid for and brought to the gun cabinet to meet their hubs.

Later, maybe a year, maybe two, hubs and rims took the short trip to G-fit where expert bicycle mechanic Jason Bauer presides. He generously offered to give a wheel building tutorial.

That offer was graciously accepted. Which brings us to today. The wheels are built.

And they spin true and look pretty. They now await tires.