Yesterday’s Palo Alto Catalog, Today’s Money pt. II

We thought that the 1981/82 Palo Alto Catalog was old. Now we want a copy of the 1930 Palo Alto Catalog – the year the business started as a response to the stock market crash a few months earlier (we made the last bit up). We would also settle for a 1973 catalog, the year Palo Alto moved into their current location in Downtown Palo Alto, California. Or even a 1975 edition, which was the year they started publishing the catalog.

If we ever make a Tenspeed Hero movie we want it to start with a young aspiring cyclist receiving the Palo Alto Catalog in the mail. Then he or she will be seen under the covers looking at the catalog with a flashlight as if it were a Playboy magazine. Better stop there lest someone steals this brilliant film idea.