How to make a sleeve-less Tee

We are happy for the wool we use to craft socks for your feet. It’s ‘Certified Woolie’ and that means its non-mulesed. While we don’t want to espouse ethical truths well, we want to espouse ethical truths and make sure you to know (and maybe also care) that the fabric you’re feeling didn’t hurt any being’s feelings. Our suppliers harvest their wool humanely (re: non-surgically) and contributes to a market where only 6% of wool currently available is non-mulesed. Should be more we think!

Of course you know how to make a sleeve-less Tee but we are going to show you anyway. Who knows…?

Things you will need for your sleeve cutting endeavor

Every job needs tools of the trade!

Art is not made by tools alone or the definition of a tool should be expanded…

Start near the pit and cut at an angle revealing a bit of a canopy for your shoulder. Not too much but just enough! Oh yes, if you can, have someone hold the T-shirt taut and use the sharpest scissors you can find. Dull scissors are not tools! They are dangerous!

These look great on girls and some but not all boys! Just imagine yourself as Rihanna walking in NYC on a summer’s day or visualize yourself as Bruce Springsteen singing “I’m on Fire” in your flat! or, or, or, one of the Outsiders.
you can be pony boy!