Lauren Ayers Interview

TSH: Who are you?

Lauren: Lauren Ayers

TSH: If you were not a designer what would you be?

Lauren: In my absurdly romanticized second career I’ll be a surgeon.

TSH: Tell us three things you were thinking about when you designed your sock collection for La Girafe Sportive?

Lauren: The Holy Trinity: Floral, Argyle, Orthogonal

TSH: What is a potential minefield when designing for sport?

Lauren: Would that make me an artist? If so, all of it.

TSH: If you were a non Roy G. Biv color what would you be?

Lauren: Any of these would do (LINK)


TSH: If you could have a dream collaboration, with any designer/ artist/ human, who would it be?

Lauren: “I’d have kids with Ryan Gosling and build an empire with the full Bauhaus c.1923.”

TSH: When translating print into interactive technology-based experiences how do you maintain aura, authenticity, and affect?

Lauren: This is always a fun problem to solve. I think it’s mostly a matter of understanding and accepting the differences between them, and realizing that not everything needs to live as both, i.e., “hey check out this Book of Kells app.” ? Pass.

TSH: Your website is often switching letters for symbols of other, more geometric types. In light of Derrida and his claims that signs are external, material objects please complete the following: 1. Find an accurate symbol to represent your understanding of sweat 

2. Do the same for your associations with a beer can

3. Create a symbol for something that – in many ways – is already a symbol (i.e. a peace sign, a rainbow, the sign formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince)


1. I’m not into sweat.
2. Beer, in or out of cans, is something I probably need less of.
3. Maybe a sign for happiness, rather than a smiley, is a dog nose.


TSH: Describe your dream outfit.

This is half dream outfit, half current uniform: all white everything, shirt tucked in, watch (sans numbers), Great Pyrenees

TSH: What’s next?

Lauren: Lots of fun, maybe science