Some New May Stuffs For You!

New Things in the Store + Some Socks are on Sale!

Men’s Team Bib Shorts

A post for technical stuff becoming fun stuff starts with these men’s bib shorts. Redesigned with thicker 11-8 mmm chamois, and titanium mesh bib straps aligned with thermo-taped piping for a second skin like feel, these shorts will outfit your longest ride yet while also fomenting an adventurous mindset. Flat-locking stitches in specific areas allows the fabric to lay side by side so no extra material lies against your skin. A custom leg gripper with variably sized silicon dots helps your shorts stay in place. They’ve got the zeal of a superhero cape. They’ve got everything a cycler needs to get on the road and not even think about dismounting. Though we love absurdity of the $300-plus-dot-come-90’s-bubble-expensive-bib-short-euphoria of this century, we think this is about the best short one can find for $200.

Women’s Team Bib Shorts

These women’s bib shorts are not men’s bib shorts. They are completely their own thing, just like all TSH fans & heroes. Still, they’ve got highly breathable titanium mesh and ultra thin thermo-taped straps and a slightly more dense Women’s specific chamois material than what you’ll get from our TSH Women’s Club shorts. Flat-locking stitches in specific areas allow the fabric to lay side-by-side so no extra material lies against your skin. A leg gripper with silicon dots helps your shorts stay in place. Wear for long races, century rides, and enduring memories.

Les Petites Victoires Tenspeed Hero Team Shorts

LPV Bibs designed by Lauren Ayers are made of compression material to fit snug against your body. Red on one leg, purple on the other, these bib shorts are an array of color-blocking wonder. More than that, they also match our LPV team jerseys! Wearing these, any hero will stand out from the pack – whether they’re minutes ahead or simply exuding a sense of joy and wit through colorful color scheme and rambunctious patterning.

Tenspeed Hero / J.P. Graziano Team Jersey

The JP Graziano Jersey is made for the boys of summer (otherwise known as our men’s racing team in Chicago, Illinois). Designed for riders who savor racing and intense training, the J.P. Graziano fuels all heroes seeking sweat in the upcoming summer season. Let us also note that Graziano is also a spectacular place for heroes to stock up on fresh Italian sandwiches, giardiniera, and Piadina bread imported straight from Italy before returning to the bike. Perfect fare to reward an intense day, month, or entire season of training (right?).

Ruins de Glanum Socks

The Glanum Socks are the result of collaboration between designer Lauren Ayers, photographer and model + photographer Lindsey Law, and producer/TSH hero of all heroes Luke Batten. Named after ancient Roman Ruins found in Provence, Glanum socks are made, like all Lauren Ayers socks, to commemorate the locales, towns, and sceneries through which cycling takes us. Rather than focusing on a triumphant end, these socks exult the process of the ride itself – winding paths, remote and beautiful fields, small towns, ancient ruins – all aspects of cycling which transport a cyclists interior and exterior self to a state of contemplation. Named with reference to deserted prairies or foggy afternoons, these socks are designed to expand your thinking and celebrate the history of existing on the road, where monuments are crafted daily.

Blue TSH Shield Socks

The classic TSH socks have the classic TSH emblem. Made for classic heroes (a.k.a. those mature adults who still dream about how they dressed up as Superman everyday from ages 3-9). Wear on a bike, on a date, on a dinner date, while walking around in the summer sun so you can get an awesome TSH sock tan!

City Night Socks

City socks for the non-city slicker are crafted to outfit bike rides through monochromatic city streets. As city-dwellers, we heroes are fans of nighttime jaunts where skyscraper lights provide foundation for our own constellations. Depending on how you view it, blurred lights and car beams can form the city into a swirling, dazzling interpretation of reality. These socks are meant to transport a starry-eyed hero to the gleaming way a hero sees the world. To infinity and…Randolph and Halsted!