The Tenspeed Hero Jersey Sale

Joy of all joys! Smiles upon Smiles!

Week to make us feel weak!

Coupon Code: HERO-SALE

Today is the launch of our Tenspeed Hero Jersey Sale. (Other name ideas include The Inaugural Tenspeed Hero Sale, The Occasionally-Annual Sale, and The Save Money to Go Buy Gelato Sale). It starts on Saturday (Now) (August 31) and runs for 7 + odd days until 1 PM Sunday (September 8). Chicago time of course. Just add HERO-SALE in the payment portion of your order (Step 2 of 2).

We love the Moa/Nalini swatches of fabric we’ve managed to splash with color, stripes, and patterns, but– as devoted Tenspeed Heroes – we never stop working. Which means its time to clear some space in our small, photo-filled studio for new gear: new socks, new jerseys, new dreams.

This sale will give you 20% off our special designer-designed jerseys. But, more importantly, it will add at least 20% more joy to your cycling endeavors.

The Spend $$$ On Things Made By Pug Lovers Sale starts at Now. If you are waiting for a paycheck this week here are a few things you can do to pass the time until then.

Watch Tobias yell about things more related to our sale than he realized.
Make guacamole and eat it.
Bike to an outdoor concert because it is not cold.
Fly from Chicago to Beijing at 5 am, eat at Najia Xiaoguan, return Sunday at 6:25 pm and arrive in Chicago at 8:10 pm (time zones!)
Get a book about art-inspired food that matches your art-inspired jersey.
Wear sparkles to a party.
Drink more coffee.