The Unnamed Jersey Winners

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who entered our contest! We had about 30 submissions & loved reading everyones interpretations of this jersey. It is humbling and inspiring to see everyone embodying the spirit of TSH in their writing. This will not be the last writing contest we do!

Here we have our top 3 selections

Winner! Flora Suen!

Le Robinet Jersey

Cycle over to your grandmother’s house – or to any turn of the century apartment in Berlin for that matter – and take a gander at the taps. See, right there! The little coloured shapes in the middle of them that dutifully announce the temperature of the water. Red on the left, blue on the right.

The TSH Robinet jersey is a design that turns on both faucets whilst grinning from ear to ear. Have no fear, it won’t flood grandma’s bathroom with a lukewarm mix of water though! The results throw what we know about the second law of thermodynamics out the window. It’s scalding hot, it’s refreshingly cool, it’s your sprint finish in an alley cat and your sunset watts on a former airport runway. Never tepid, it taps into your temperament.

Not content to leave it at just one pun, the Robinet jersey also taps you on the shoulder. Its sleight of shape demands your utmost visual concentration: vermilion circles, ultramarine squares, and the zig zags of snow framing them ever so precisely. The colours nod in greeting to TSH’s Francophilia and its US American base. Rouge, bleu et blanc: le robinet! Shut off the faucets, dry your hands and tell grandmother you’ll be down for tea in just a sec’.

Runner Up! Chase Barrett!

Du Sang Jersey

Du Sang is red, though it is rumored to be blue in certain ‘well bred’ individuals. It courses through us in the midst of lofty ascents and daring breakaways. When washed away in the shower or padded-down after the last crash, it only hardens our resolve and serves to epitomize the love and passion. Ciclismo is freedom personified, supplemented by a system of pulleys and levers but ultimately powered only by the strength of our hearts and depth of the lungs.

‘Why so serious though?” Indicative of the silk scarves of the bourgeois, this jersey shares the haughtiness of the class while maintaining the smoothness and lightness of those same scarves. Though reminiscent of the forgotten ensign of some French lord, the repetition and pattern is distinctly Ten Speed Hero; made in Italy.

So go ahead and wave your scarf and blow some kisses while you’re at it. Allow the Du Sang Jersey to thicken yours, and like those old ensigns that fluttered over Agincourt and Crécy, allow this jersey to flaunt your own haughtiness and ancestry with cycling, whether on the Sunday morning coffee ride or the last criterium of the season.

Fortune favors the bold(er) design.

Runner Up! Sarah Rice!


Since Pythagoras, philosophers and artists have felt the pull of dualism: the light or the dark; the one or the many, the finite or the infinite. As cyclists this duality transfers to our ride. Our road is either straight or crooked. We are in rest or we are in motion. Chest and legs burning as we struggle through our next mile or mountain. Or the calm feeling when the world slows down and the pavement smooths out and for a few minutes we glide peacefully through life.

The duality jersey celebrates just that – the highs and lows of riding. The zigging red dots recalling the maillot à pois successes in life, while the zag of the blue grid evokes the intensity of riding on cobbles. The duality jersey is for every road you travel on and every ride you take. Wear this jersey and tell the world that yes, you ride to feel joy, but also to shed sweat and tears.