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Palo Alto

Yesterday’s Palo Alto Catalog, Today’s Money

Does anyone else remember the Palo Alto Bicycles Catalog? When Ted Hero nonchalantly tossed this in the lap of one…

Assos Early Winter Socks

Assos Early Winter Socks

If you’re like me, and I know I am, you buy your winter cycling clothes in the spring and your…


Drunken Indian Part II: Negativland

North Fork Dry Diggins, California, Mid 1980s / Auburn California: the town where I went to high school, first kissed…

Le siège de l’Héro à California

Le siège de l’Héro

Il y a trois endroits où la production de Tenspeed Héro se réalise. Notre siège européen se situe en banlieue…

Brian Baylis the Draughtsman

R. Brian Baylis…The Draughtsman

Visiting the R. Brian Baylis studio in January is a story the Tenspeed Heroes must tell over several cups of…