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Bike Arena

No Chain Day

Or tires or cables / This lovely bicycle (now there’s a good name for a blog) has been here before….

Eddy Merckx Chrome Fork

Eddy Merckx NOS Chrome Fork

NOS EDDY MERCKX Chrome Fork / Ebay is a beautiful place. One does not have to hear the cycling industry’s…

Matthew Modine Takes a Lap in Glencoe

Private Joker Takes a Lap

“This is my bicycle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” / Whilst Matthew Modine once said…

The Tenspeed Hero Club

Tenspeed Hero Club Jersey Coming Soon

Dear Heroes Around the World / We apologize on the delay of our club jersey. It is coming we promise….

Eddy Merckx Book

Eddy Merckx, Books, Weights and Measures

“I am living the most difficult day of my life. I can no longer prepare myself for the Tour de…


Hero French Lessons

About a month before traveling to any Francophone country (France, parts of Belgium, Canada, Djibouti, Ivory Coast…) the Heroes listen…


Steel Forks and Shag Carpet

Starnord Merckx

Starnord Eddy Merckx

When I was a kid, my favorite book was “The Buffy-Porson, A car you can build and drive” by a…

Merckx Fork

A Sad Tale Followed by a Tale of Woe

Prepare yourself. Make some tea. Find a comfortable place to sit. When we were young Heroes, the only money we…

Eddy Merckx Fork

Eddy Merckx Fork

Six Photographs Attempting to reveal the beauty of a 1981 Eddy Merckx Square Crowned Fork (Chromed). /

May 1968: It is Forbidden to Forbid

Les nouveaux T-shirts de Tenspeed Héro

Peut-être vous avez noté que chez nous, nous apprécions les mots. Les grands mots, les petits mots, les mots intéressants,…

1981 Eddy Merckx

The First Eddy Merckx Frame

The first time I saw an Eddy Merckx bicycle was in 1983 when I was a high school sophomore visiting…