Tenspeed Hero Club Jersey Coming Soon

Dear Heroes Around the World

We apologize on the delay of our club jersey. It is coming we promise. We had just a bit of back and forth with Nalini so we asked for a quick proof to make sure everything from the colors, to the logo placement was perfect. On this day, Tuesday, May 7, Luke Hero and new employee, Becca “Hero” Goesling went on the roof to catch a few of the colors in the bright Chicago sun. We cannot wait to start shipping these! As you can imagine we wanted the first jersey for Tenspeed Hero to be near perfection. We have given Nalini the go ahead on the final proof so we should see some jerseys come to Chicago at the end of May. If you are on the reservation list we will contact you to make sure you are still on board. As always thanks for supporting the Tenspeed Hero Project!