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The Atlanta School

Words by Jon Sadler / Photos by Alex Wallbaum, Jon Sadler, & Eli Craven. Even in Idaho people think we…

Tenspeed Hero

Chasing Shadows in Idaho

There are reasons one rides early in the morning. Work Schedule. The daily heat wave. A long day in the…

Kyle Stealth-14

Boys Boys Boys

Men’s race cut stealth jersey / Buy now! / Our iconic seven-panel color bar jersey now has a pattern to…

Rocky Canyon

Spring in Idaho

Roads we Love / Photographs by Jonathan Sadler / It is no secret that Tenspeed Hero is headquartered in Chicago‚Äôs…

Tenspeed Hero

Four Women Race Up A Mountain

Dani Arman + Laurel Rathbun + Tricia Fleischer + Caroline Mani / Day one of our Tenspeed Hero CX Camp…


Roads We Love

Rocky Canyon Road, Ada County, Idaho / 38 miles / 3,000 ft of climbing / One white horse / Just…

Pearl Road

Roads we Love

Pearl Road, Gem County, Idaho / 33 miles / 2,954 ft of climbing / One white horse /

White tail

From Lewis to Clark

Roads we Love / I didn’t see either of the birds named after the famous men but I did see…

Ski Lift

Bogus Bike Ride

Soon after Tenspeed Hero located one of its many headquarters in Boise, Idaho, we noticed stickers that said “Bogus.” To…


Alpaca Shearing, Tenspeed Hero West

In Boise Idaho, at Tenspeed Hero Farm (not really called that but for the sake of this post we can…

Luke Bike

Italian Steel in Idaho

What you find while minding your own business rummaging through a friend’s garage may be treasure. Fore instance, in Sacramento…


Idaho is a beautiful place

This July the Tenspeed Heroes are making Hailey, Idaho our Headquarters for a week or so to do some high…