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Tenspeed Hero

What I remember

Word and Images by Luke Batten / When I look back on a ride or some images of that ride…

Tenspeed Hero

A Party in the Mountains

Words By Nicole Jorgenson / Photos by Nicole Jorgenson and Adam Wirth / Couloir is a French term used to…


TSH Guide: Nicole Jorgenson

We met Nicole Jorgenson about a year ago when we stopped in at Bauerhaus bikes in Boise Idaho. We started…


The Atlanta School

Words by Jon Sadler / Photos by Alex Wallbaum, Jon Sadler, & Eli Craven. Even in Idaho people think we…

Tenspeed Hero

Chasing Shadows in Idaho

There are reasons one rides early in the morning. Work Schedule. The daily heat wave. A long day in the…

Kyle Stealth-14

Boys Boys Boys

Men’s race cut stealth jersey / Buy now! / Our iconic seven-panel color bar jersey now has a pattern to…

Rocky Canyon

Spring in Idaho

Roads we Love / Photographs by Jonathan Sadler / It is no secret that Tenspeed Hero is headquartered in Chicago‚Äôs…

Tenspeed Hero

Four Women Race Up A Mountain

Dani Arman + Laurel Rathbun + Tricia Fleischer + Caroline Mani / Day one of our Tenspeed Hero CX Camp…


Roads We Love

Rocky Canyon Road, Ada County, Idaho / 38 miles / 3,000 ft of climbing / One white horse / Just…

Pearl Road

Roads we Love

Pearl Road, Gem County, Idaho / 33 miles / 2,954 ft of climbing / One white horse /

White tail

From Lewis to Clark

Roads we Love / I didn’t see either of the birds named after the famous men but I did see…

Ski Lift

Bogus Bike Ride

Soon after Tenspeed Hero located one of its many headquarters in Boise, Idaho, we noticed stickers that said “Bogus.” To…