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Men’s race cut stealth jersey

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Our iconic seven-panel color bar jersey now has a pattern to fit its race heritage. TSH is thrilled to introduce our first race fit of this design – a collarless summer jersey. Whether you’re a mountain climber slipping this over your exposed ribs and tiny arms or you’re a sprinter with those things they call “guns,” we think you’ll love this new piece.
First and foremost, this is a race jersey with aero appeal – but it also has some hot weather features like mesh side panels and no collar for summer riding. Most of the time we’re not “racing” and for this reason we added a reflective strip along the width of all three pockets. A fourth hidden zipped pocket is accessible from the side to secure valuables and 20 dollar bills and Euros or Yen. The jersey is very similar to our women’s stealth cut except one feature is particular to men. We added a 45mm external cuff to keep your sleeve length fixed.

Size Note!

Here are a couple guys we fitted this week + a couple things we noticed

Our general rule is to size up from what you would wear in our slim fit jerseys (like our resort jerseys)

Tim is wearing a Large Jersey. He wears a Medium in our Slim Fit jerseys (like resort jerseys), but due to his muscularity and the skin tight fit of this jersey, he needs to size up. Tim has a 37 inch chest, is 6’1″ and 165 lbs.

David is wearing a Small Jersey here. He usually wears an X-Small in our Slim Fit Jerseys (like resort jerseys), but we have noticed the tight fit of the race cut requires a size up! David is 135 pounds, 5’5″ and has a 34 inch chest.