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Bike Arena

No Chain Day

Or tires or cables / This lovely bicycle (now there’s a good name for a blog) has been here before….

Bike Parts

Some kind of Nature: Photography and Objects

For Jeremy Dunn / In college the Heroes attended many a slide lecture in art history. Hours in the darkness,…

Good thing steel doesn't rust - there had to be drool on this bike. What? Steel does rust? Maybe this is stainless.

NAHBS or Thoughts on Wanting

Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Chuck (a guy in Tucson with a mohawk, a bike and yogurt cups for drinking glasses) and…

Merckx Fork

A Sad Tale Followed by a Tale of Woe

Prepare yourself. Make some tea. Find a comfortable place to sit. When we were young Heroes, the only money we…

Julia and Le Ramrod

Le Ramrod by TSH and paint by Joe Bell

We called Joe Bell to paint a team bike for the Heroes to ride at the Paris-Roubaix Challenge last spring….

Joe Bell

Joe Bell et Tenspeed Héro

En tant que conducteur désigné de Tenspeed Héro, je suis souvent responsable des vies d’un pourcentage important de l’état-major de…

Brian Baylis the Draughtsman

R. Brian Baylis…The Draughtsman

Visiting the R. Brian Baylis studio in January is a story the Tenspeed Heroes must tell over several cups of…

Joe Bell

Joe Bell and Tenspeed Hero

As the designated wheelman for Tenspeed Hero, I am often responsible for the lives of a significant percentage of the…