Some kind of Nature: Photography and Objects

For Jeremy Dunn

In college the Heroes attended many a slide lecture in art history. Hours in the darkness, we often felt trapped like wild ponies, wishing we were outside talking to girls or riding our bikes. As photographers we must admit that viewing the work of Brassaï, Weston, Friedlander, Atget, Sander, Steichen, Sommer, Cunningham, and Modotti was worth every minute. Their formative works in the history of photography are instrumental to our thinking when it comes to cameras and the well composed frame. However, if we are talking old school lessons, we must declare it was unequivocally Karl Blossfeldt who taught us how a photograph could transform an object; his technique took branch and stem and made them look like wrought iron. Of course when we left class we jumped on our bikes and hit the roads never realizing the worlds of our two passions would connect. They of course did and for this we offer two photographs that we think get close to such an ideal, at least for Heroes.