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Starnord Merckx

Starnord Eddy Merckx

When I was a kid, my favorite book was “The Buffy-Porson, A car you can build and drive” by a…

Merckx Fork

A Sad Tale Followed by a Tale of Woe

Prepare yourself. Make some tea. Find a comfortable place to sit. When we were young Heroes, the only money we…

Black Hunger

Le Ramrod at Black Hunger

Tenspeed Hero has roots in Idaho. Back about ten or twenty years ago a couple of Heroes went to Idaho…

Floating Guerciotti and Gavin

Guerciotti by Alan

Jenny from PR found this Guerciotti cross frame in a dark, dusty attic in a neglected corner of the Internet….

Kodak Safety Film

Tenspeed Hero New York Short List

1. Mobile restaurants are everywhere now. Mobile phones are fairly common too. On Alpe d’Huez we encountered a mobile Rapha…